Day Three: Pigs Feet and Kidneys

No Joke. A year or so ago we purchased a pig from a farm and said “sure we’ll take the pigs feet”. It, there is only one, has been in the freezer since.  This week I decided to use all food in the house before going shopping, and so, decided pigs feet would be on the menu this week.  It is easy to prepare but doesn’t yield a lot of meat.

This guy waxes eloquently about not only pigs feet but butchering pigs, and himself in the process.  I’m not using his recipe but it’s an enjoyable read if you don’t mind talk of blood and popping joints.

This is what I’m doing, simply boiling with veggies and vinegar:

It was served with rice and peas, cause well that’s all that’s left. And I tried to whip up an impromptu bbq sauce but it was only mediocre, so I won’t bother with the recipe for that.
Now for the kidney, a beef kidney I think, which has also been in the freezer for ages. I followed this recipe but didn’t make a dumpling batter.  I probably should have cause kidney needs something else.

Organ meats are all the rage in the paleo world but after those kidneys I don’t think it will be a regular menu item in this household.  Eh, it wasn’t that bad just had that organy taste. I’ll stick to the liver pâté for now.


I’ve been surprised at how understanding my family has been with my experiment of using up what’s on hand. Simply letting them know what I was up too and keeping a positive attitude made all the difference. They were eager though to add to the shopping lists. Cereal, fruit and yogurt, edamame and more are on the lists.
First stop Field’s of Athenry for our pasture raised meat and eggs, then onto Costco for the staples, and last stop Wegmans for smaller items.  I will try to save some cash and hit the farmers market on Saturday for a change.