Health and Wellness in 2015

When I started dabbling in blogging I thought I would focus more on food and nutrition.  I accidentally, if that’s possible, started two blogs on WordPress and ended up writing more at Renewed Sensibility where I ponder faith and life and stuff like that.  Here though I do want to chronicle my health journey which encompasses diet, chiropractic care, essential oils, supplements and more.

A year ago I started experiencing joint inflammation. First in one finger then in a toe and foot, then a thumb and at one point my jaw, my right shoulder and other areas of pain and inflammation come and go.  In September I blogged about it here. It explains the steps I’ve taken so far to help my Psoriatic Arthritis.

Tomorrow I am going to jump back on the Auto-Immune Paleo Protocol wagon. I will start a 30 day elimination diet with no grains, dairy, eggs, nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers), or nuts.  It’s not easy. I haven’t been able to make it a whole month yet. I have, so far,guessed at which foods I’m most sensitive to without be very sure because I haven’t reintroduced foods back properly.  Over the holidays I indulged in too much sugar and the only thing I totally avoided was gluten.

I’m fortunate my symptoms aren’t too debilitating.  There was  a point around the time I was diagnosed that I could hardly walk or move without becoming extremely fatigued. I was experiencing a lot of pain too. The past few months I’ve been able to take walks do some gentle yoga and most all of my everyday activities.  I’m not 100% but it’s manageable.

I’ve benefited from some wonderful resources and support groups. Foremost are other Auto Immune sufferers who have blogged and written books on how to use diet to help symptoms of their conditions. These three I especially appreciate: Paleo Mom, Alt-ternative/PaleoAutoimmune Paleo. There was an autoimmune summit in November put on by Dr. Amy Meyers where I learned of a lot of other resources too, Like Donna Nakazawa who wrote The Last Best Cure, which I’m in the middle of reading now and will be sharing what I’m learning from her on both my blogs.

I have also benefited from a Facebook group of others with autoimmune conditions who are also working the AIP Paleo Protocol for their own symptoms. They’ve been a great source of encouragement and knowledge

Tomorrow I’ll share my menu plan and will check in once a week with updates and progress and maybe a few recipes.  I’d love to have some company on this journey so please comment or click the little follow button to receive updates in your inbox.



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