Food for Today

I am using the food I have on hand until I can shop on Wednesday. So tomorrow I’ll develop a menu plan and make my list.

Today I started with a glass of water which, I read recently, is the best way to start the day, a cup of coffee which actually is not AIP but I’m just not ready to give that up. As long as I keep it to a small cup in the morning I don’t think it affects my symptoms much. I will, and have in the past given it up, but for now it’s my last hold out.

I read my bible then did a half hour of yoga. Gentle Yoga is great way to stretch, release stress, and strengthen muscle. I always feel better when I start my day with it.

After getting my boy up and out the door for school and saying good bye to the husband, I made my breakfast before waking up the girl, who is my daughter, that I home school.  I had sweet potato hash with sausage over a bed of spinach. I need my carbs, the sweet potatoes, I drop too much weight and don’t have enough energy if I don’t. Everyone is different though some do better with less, some need to lose weight.


I started tracking food,mood and exercise on my tracking app. It’s called tracknshare  I really like this app it even has a gratitude journal feature. I hope I’ll keep up with it it compiles all sorts of graphs and stuff which could be fun to look back at and may even help uncover reasons and causes for symptoms.

IMG_4577I’ll post my menu plan and shopping list tomorrow.


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