Day Two: To Shop or Not to Shop

I baked the last of the bacon and used the last of the all purpose flour for biscuits.  I have white beans to make an awesome soup for dinner but, we are out of fruit.  Can we live without fruit for a day?  Sigh…If I were a pioneer miles from civilization, I’d probably have berry bushes nearby for picking, or some kind of fruit tree. Or a bountiful garden.

I wasn’t prepared earlier this year with a garden but, I did plant some greens a few weeks ago that are growing nicely and will probably last into the fall. Yay!

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and had to fill a couple of prescriptions so I found my self in the grocery store and bought spinach, strawberries cantaloupe and garlic. Ten dollars.

When I reached my car after purchasing my groceries, I found that my car key was not on the jumbled key ring of various key chain trinkets.  I retraced my steps about 5 times, asked store workers to help me look then finally just left my name and phone number and was going to walk home. I live less than a mile from the store.  I went back to the car, packed up my vitamins, prescriptions, groceries and purse and was just about to lock the door when the key, THE KEY!!! appeared on the seat of my car.  Like it just dropped out of no where, I looked for a good TWENTY MINUTES!! back and forth, through the parking lot, through the store, to the customer service desk!!! , I emptied my purse 3 times shook it out, shook everything out, no key.  Then it just appears.  Very thankful yes, but thoroughly confused.

The white bean soup is delicious.


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