We Won’t Eat Daisies This Week

This is all the food I have on hand : ½ a cabbage, 1.5 sweet potatoes, 4 carrots, 2.5 onions, a bunch of celery, a bag of frozen peas, a few frozen blueberries, frozen broccoli 2# of ground beef, ½ a package of bacon, 2 quarts chicken stock, popcorn, rice, butter, lard, 2 cups of all purpose flour, coconut flour, a bag of white beans and maybe a few other odds and ends, like beef kidneys and pigs feet. The challenge is to make that last 4 days, Monday through Thursday without having to go to the grocery store. I will go though, for eggs and maybe some fruit.
Do you think I can do it? It’s not like we are totally broke, just cash poor at the moment. We are not using credit cards and haven’t mastered making the twice a month pay check make it to the end of the pay period. I have a coffee can of change and a few dollars in my purse. But I like the challenge, and I think I can do it. 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners, it shouldn’t be that hard. Breakfast tomorrow will probably be pancakes, I do have maple syrup. I will need more eggs. We won’t eat the daisies.

Lunch: stirfry rice with peas, egg, cabbage and carrots.

Dinner: Meat Loaf w/ mashed sweet potato and broccoli (soak the beans overnight)

Breakfast: eggs and bacon

Lunch: left over meat loaf

Dinner: white bean soup with biscuits. http://southernfood.about.com/od/beansandblackeyedpeas/r/bl30429i.htm

Breakfast: eggs or muffins

Lunch: Left over soup

Dinner: pigs feet? Kidney? http://nourishpaleofoods.com/2013/04/07/beef-kidney-biscuits/ this actually looks like it might work. I do have the spices for it.


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